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Dunda Rave Nest is a company based in Washington DC mainly formed for offering casino gaming services and the related fields as well. It has existed since the year 1983. It has risen to be one of the world’s best casino gaming companies having achieved several rewards with respect to that.

Dunda Rave Nest was started by one American lady named Mrs Lorah Jane who is very passionate and determined when it comes to achieving her set goals. She started developing a liking to casino games when she was still a child because she stayed in an environment where every life was dependent on casino games. Everything from her school fees that were paid through casino games, the food they ate and every basic component of their life revolved around her father’s earnings from casino gaming.

Her father, being the breadwinner of the family, had to work very hard to ensure that life was comfortable for them. All his efforts bore fruits, and within several years, he became a pro gamer, and he started participating in lots of international games. Bit by bit, his fame grew, and the doors to his ambitions began to open. Unfortunately, her father passed away before he could fulfil his dream of establishing his own casino company.

Lorah had just completed her studies, attaining a degree in Business Management. Her desire was to take a path different from the one her family is known for and to be a businessperson, not a gamer. Her father’s sudden death, however, made her change her mind because she knew how determined her father was, and she could feel this every time he used to discuss his ambitions with her. She started following up on her father’s dreams and how far he had reached in accomplishing them.