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Our company also has a sponsorship wing for popular sporting activities. Individuals and organizations within Washington DC that wish to participate in international competitions stand a chance of benefiting from this program. Up to date, we have sponsored 27 teams in volleyball, and 15 teams in soccer and more are still coming to us for the same. The teams that we have sponsored so far have always done their best, and this makes us proud and also gives us the urge to continue doing so. We also have plans of beginning to offer scholarships to students who wish to further their studies and all these we do easily and effectively due to our established connections with many nations all over the world. We want to also offer scholarships to students to go and study at Oxford University, Harvard University, Cambridge University and many other top-performing universities in the world.

With support from our partners, Blackjack, Live Casino and Leo Vegas casino, we are coming up with a platform that will enable us to get in touch with several schools, so that we are able to make our project known internationally.