Services offered

Live casino

We host a lot of gamers who attend our casinos and play live casino games. We have got different classes of gamers beginning from the fresher up to the pros; promotion depends on the level of your expert gaming. The charges for every stage vary so as to cater to every kind of person in the society, be it the poor or the rich. In every stage, the winners are in for a great reward, and this is meant to give them the morale for conquering the next stage as well. By the time you get to become among the pro gamers, then it is like you are a king of gaming and you will be able to meet your fellow kings internationally.

Online casino gaming services

We also have an online platform,, where our customers from very far and even abroad get to be in contact with us without having to attend the live casinos. This also gives them a chance to do online gaming and get their rewards upon the completion of each gaming stage. We also have online promotions for those who become consistent customers. For example, we have got the lucky hour promotion whereby you are given a chance to choose a lucky number, and in case it matches with the one in the winner’s box then you unlock your gift. The gifts are of different kinds, such as getting a free ticket to an adventurous place or winning a one week of free play without any charges.

International gaming competitions

This is the last stage of the international gaming events where pro gamers from different continents get to face each other head-on and see who would be the world’s champion casino gamer. We started to participate in this international gaming event since the year 2005, and have received the winner’s trophy on several occasions, which also made us become more famous.

Gamers platform 

This is a platform where all the gaming activities are viewed live on Television channels. We have got two channels by now with whom we have established partnerships, and they show our gaming activities live every Thursday and Friday night, respectively. We are still making arrangements for the remaining days for the convenience of our fans. This program plays a big role in advertising our company and also helps to provide some bit of knowledge to the upcoming gamers because they get to see how people end up being winners and also rising to become world champions. The Gamers Platform can also be accessed online and not only on television channels.

Commercial guidance and counselling

We also hold meetings with businessmen and give them relevant pieces of advice regarding business management and the tips to employ for you to be successful in your business. It is not limited to any kind of business, and at the end of every year, we get to do an analysis and compare the performances of the various businesses involved. The ones that have made remarkable improvement are given promotions by us and looking at the statistics that we have put down up to date; there is no case of a business that has made negative outcomes. This is a sure sign that this service helps the businesses a lot.

Dunda Rave Nest conference halls

Within our company, we have conference halls for hire. Any company intending to hold a meeting can hire them either directly through our agents or even online. Our conference halls are affordable, and to our consistent customers, we have been giving discounts of 5% of the total cost. Some of our customers are even international dealers who major in casino businesses, and therefore they find it even more comfortable to work with us because of the common interest in gaming. We have done a lot of conferencing with them, and we share ideas here and there on how we can manage our casinos.