The foundation of Dunda Rave Nest

By 1983, she had accomplished all her father’s ambitions except one, establishing a casino company. She knew that it would not just be a walk in the park since it was not just a matter of establishing a company, but making it a standard one; this is what her father desired. At this moment she started weighing options on how to start one, and with the help of pieces of advice from her partners Marion and John, they finally came into a final decision which leads to the birth of Dunda Rave Nest. With the many connections she had established with some of the best casino companies in the world as well as the assistance from her father’s colleagues, their company was birthed.

Unlike other companies that begin from zero, theirs was a different case. They shot high just from the moment it was founded. They located the company strategically where there existed a lot of demand for casino gaming but with poor resources. This market gap really favoured them in terms of customer contact, and other casinos also referred some customers to them.dunda rave nest

Lorah had the desire to make her company a bit different from the others. With her knowledge of Business Management, she expanded her company, not only to be dealing with gaming activities but also to have business activities running within the company. She succeeded in doing so, and by 2000 she had established good contact with the global Business Organizations and with several platforms in different fields. She does business with many nations with the major ones being China, India, Japan and the UK.

Dunda Rave Nest also has an online casino that works for hand in hand with Blackjack, Live Casino and Leo Vegas casino, sharing ideas and also holding gaming functions together.